Rent a Van to bring home your DIY and Furniture shopping

Car too small to get your new furniture purchases or DIY shopping home?

When you are doing DIY around the house or doing some work on the garden, getting your purchases home can be a big challenge, but it’s something that people don’t consider until they are already in the car park, trying to cram furniture into the boot of the car.

Whether you’re making purchases at a garden centre or doing some IKEA shopping, getting everything in the back of your car is not a great idea. For a start, there are some things that you simply will not be able to fit in, but even if you can get things in, you risk damaging them if you try to force them in. That’s the last thing you want when you have just spent a lot of money on your nursery purchases or a brand new wardrobe.

Safety is a big concern when transporting large items in the car as well. Say, for example, you’ve been doing a bit of DIY shopping and you have a lot of tools and some wood for a project. You might be able to get it in the back of the car if you put the seats down, but it’s going to be pushing through to the passenger seat where it will obscure your vision. If it is not secured properly and you are involved in an accident, that can be incredibly dangerous.

Collect your bulky purchases with one of our rental vans

Transporting DIY shopping in the car can be incredibly time consuming if you are working on a big project. For example, if you are giving your garden a complete overhaul and you want to build a new deck, replace all of the plants and treat the lawn, you will need a lot of equipment from different places. If you are in the car, you will have to make one trip for your garden centre purchases, then drop them off at home and go back out to get the wood and tools to build your deck. However, you can solve all of these problems if you rent a van instead. 

Short term van hire means that you can click-and-collect from multiple shops and then drive around and get everything that you need in one trip. Instead of driving back and forth all day long, you can get all of your DIY shopping done in one go, so you can focus on your project.

Safe shopping and more efficient too

Van rental is much safer than using your car as well because you have plenty of space for everything in the back. You don’t need to worry about distractions when driving or increased danger in an accident. 

Next time you are planning to make some nursery purchases or do some IKEA shopping, think twice about using your car because it’s more time consuming, you risk damaging your purchases, and it is not safe. But with a van rental, you can get everything you need in one single trip, and it’s much safer for you. If you are planning some home improvements soon, get in touch to find out how our van hire service could make life easier for you. 

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